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With the boys back in classes and the school run in full steam this week, I thought I’d share my favouite beauty hacks as, for me, getting ready in the morning is a quick affair these days! Many of you have asked how my day looks and how I balance my beauty routine alongside everything else, so I thought I’d share my favourite hacks and cheats that will buy you back those precious minutes!

My morning routine 

  • My alarm goes off at 06:35 – I have no idea why I need that extra 5 minuites but it just sounds better than 6:30 and I do like to have 25 mins before I get breakfast-ready with the boys.
  • I usually (but not always – depending on what I have scheduled that day) have a bath in the evening so that I can then go to bed all clean, scrubbed and cleansed with my hair pinned up. All I need to do the next morning, then, is wash my face, brush my teeth and hair, throw on my workout gear and apply some very basic makeup. If I have the time, this usually involves blusher or bronzer and maybe some MAC Face and Body with some lipgloss. The latter is usually done on a morning where I know I’m going straight for a workout and don’t have any client meetings or events to attend first thing.

Eyelash extensions

  • I have become addicted to eyelash extensions! They just add an instant glamour and a more polished look without any other makeup needed. I regularly see Camilla (click her name to find her website or follow her on social media @camilla_lashes). She is totally amazing and so careful at applying the lashes so not to damage any of your own – this is really important as I’ve heard some real horror stories! Every once in a while, I take a break and use mascara and all the fiddly manual fake eyelashes but I much prefer to have my extensions applied by Camilla.
  • I cannot tell you how happy and confident they make me feel! I know it’s all in the mind but I really believe that it’s the little things that we do to put ourselves together, that all adds up to making us feel good, confident and presentable on a daily basis. On top of this, they save so much time in the morning and are great for the evenings too – when you’re all dressed up, hair is freshly blow dried and you have a killer pair of heels on, the lashes just add that extra sparkle and glamour. I have a little video on YouTube (click the words to follow the link!) showing you how she applies them and how they look afterwards.



Glowing skin:

  • I’ve recently booked myself in for a course of facials and – wow – what a difference it’s already made to my skin! My complexion is clearer, fresher and fuller and I find myself wearing much less foundation; sometimes I just apply a bit of blusher and lipgloss. I used to go for the odd facial here and there, but my skin is definitely thanking me for more regular visits. I really think its worth investment and I am loving my course.
  • If you live in London I would highly recommend Rani who you can find on 41 Beauchamp Place – her red carpet facial is out of this world and keeps your skin in tip top condition.


Sophie Stanbury hair blowout at home


Shiny hair:

  • I don’t have time to wash my hair all the time – in fact I normally wash it no more than 2-3 times a week max (depending on what I’m doing). I’ve heard that it can be damaging to wash your hair too much as your scalp is stripped of its natural oils which can hinder hair growth. So 2-3 times a week is a the perfect amount for me and is a routine I stick by. Much like one does for their skin, I think its so worth maintaining a hair routine using good quality products – my hair definitely benefits from it, so here are a few of my hacks;
  • I regularly use hair masks – I love the ones made by Kerestase, 72 Hair and Lowengrip. Occasionally I will leave it in while I work-out in the morning, then rinse it out later but the best time to do a mask for me is in the evening, once the children are in bed. I leave it on for any time up to 3 hours which, for such a little investment of time, gives me amazing results – it really adds volume and helps with any breakage or heat damage.
  • A good shampoo and conditioner is also essential – I’ve tried, tested and love all the Kerestase and 72 Hair products as well as those made by Wella.
  • I’m also a big fan of hair oils – I always apply a few drops before brushing my towel-dried hair as it helps to detangle and prevent breakage. My personal favourites are the Morrocan Hair Oil and those made by Shishedo but natural oils such as argan and coconut also work well too.
  • An often over-looked factor within a hair routine is what brush you use on a daily basis – I would advise using something that is gentle on your scalp and which won’t tug, snap and damage your hair. Recently, I found a great one by GREAT LENGTHS ACCA KAPPA. It’s actually designed to brush hair extensions (which I don’t have) but it is very gentle on your hair so I would highly recommend the investment.
  • I also use a little dry shampoo everyday to add volume and take away any greasiness and then brush it through – that’s normally all I have time for unless I’m going to an important meeting or event. One that doesn’t dry out your hair and maintains a bounce is the Bardot Immaculate Spray. 

Regular hair cuts are also important for volume, bounce and growth – I go and see Limoz on Chelsea Manor Street who is fantastic!

sophiestanbury_moroccan_oil                sophiestanbury_bardou_immaculate_spray_dry_shampoo      


Heated rollers

  • As everyone knows heated rollers are my top beauty hack – it takes me 5 mins to put them in (I sometimes just use 4 or 5 to spruse it up). Time-wise, I leave them in for 5 mins if I want a wavy finish but for curls I aim for 10 mins. Styling it out, I then spray with Elnett hairspray normal strength which adds an instant volume and is the quickest and easiest way to style in my opinion! I cannot wait to launch my own set which I am still working on so watch this space!


  • I love to get a regular tan – once or twice a week I use an amazing app called SECRET SPA which is basically a beauty salon on legs. They come straight to the house, set up a tent and spend only 5-10 mins doing the spray tan. The results are amazing – its like wearing body makeup and saves you wearing any makeup in the mornings as you have a lovely summer glow all year round.  I stopped tanning when I had children as 1. I didn’t have time to lie in the sun anymore and 2. I became more aware of the dangers of sun damage.
  • On a day-to-day basis, having a healthy glow saves time spent on makeup and gives you a lovely healthy full body complexion. Try the Sienna X tan which is my favourite (I go for the Dark 12) and download the Secret Spa App if you’re in London for the best application.



  • Having a fab manicure is also a must for me. As I have 2 boys, a dog and 3 cats I need to have something that lasts so I always have a shellac manicure. I either go for a dark burgundy which is my favourite, or in the summer I go for a bright red (OPI are my favourite range). Though the days of my French manicures are long gone, I think a good manicure gives you a polished well kept appearance and I love having that bit of colour!

White Teeth

  • I’m often asked how I keep my teeth white and the answer is that about 4 years ago I had teeth whitening trays made by my dentist. Once you’ve got your teeth to a good colour, the maintenance is minimal and I use the trays every six months for a few hours. Teeth are the first thing that people see when you talk to them so clean teeth, fresh breath and regular check ups are essential for me. I always have a packet of mints in my bag too and I find chewing gum (EXTRA) also helps keep my teeth white.


I hope some of the latter helps in some way! It can be quite hard to upkeep a routine among the busy day-to-day, but hopefully my tips and hacks can keep you looking and most importantly, feeling your best.

Sophie xxx


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