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Anyone who knows me is well aware that I love to keep my hair looking good. It’s a big part of my everyday routine and I always make sure it’s as shiny, healthy and full of volume. Rather like we have our skincare routine I do the same for my hair, which really helps keep it in good condition. For me my hair is part of my overall confidence and rather than spend lots of money on clothes and jewellery – my feeling is that if you have great hair and makeup then you can pretty much wear whatever you want whether its jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress! Have a look at my YouTube tutorial here. For more styling tips and below I’ll give you an insight into the products I use on my hair daily, weekly and monthly.


72 Hair – Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner


Since switching to 72 Hair Intense Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner my hair has been transformed and restored with nourishment allowing me to straighten, curl, and blow dry without worrying about damaging my hair. After many years of washing and blowdrying my hair it was stripped of the moisture and protection it needed to use hot tools. I use these products every one to three days when I wash my hair, and the difference it has made is really noticeable. What is also great about this duo is that it is suitable for all hair types and I have been recommending it to all my girlfriends since using it.  The products go further in protecting your hair against sun damage, pollution and UVA damage.  With over 40 years of knowledge poured into these products, they’re a permanent fixture in my hair care routine and I cannot recommend them highly enough! Aside from the shampoos, which are tailored to specific hair types, the products are suitable for all hair types whether you have straight or afro hair.

72 Hair Intense Replenishing Mask








Once a week and on a night where I know I’m going to be working late on my computer, I use the 72 Hair Intense Replenishing Mask. I leave it in for a few hours which means it really sinks in – it leaves your hair super nourished and really shiny. Hair masks are great for giving your hair that extra boost of shine, and you only need to leave this one in for 10-15 minutes although I leave it on a lot longer to get maximum benefit (rather like using a face mask).  I would definitely recommend implementing a hair mask into your weekly or monthly routine, let me know if you see a difference!


72 Hair Blow-dry Cream 



The ultimate secret behind my bouncy blow-outs is this product!  Don’t use too much – you only need a tiny amount to smooth through the ends.  It’s enriched with an exclusive Thermo Shield and UV filter that takes heat-protection to another level. You can achieve a great home blow dry without any of the damage – this leave-in cream will give you a glossy, bouncy, frizz-free finish in the quickest and most convenient way!

For more tips on how to achieve a gorgeous blowout, click here to watch my Youtube tutorial.


Moroccan Oil



AKA Liquid Gold in my books! Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Sara Sampaio, Marion Cotillard and even Taylor Swift – all are in on the Moroccan Oil secret. It’s the product that pioneered oil-infused hair and catalysed the buzz around argan oil and I can totally see why. I’ve really noticed a difference in how this product speeds up drying time while boosting the shine in my hair after heat has been applied. It’s therefore great as a finishing product and a must if you need a little help with detangling your hair which I do when I brush out wet hair – in fact, it’s essential I put a little drop on massage it into the roots and then brush otherwise I break my hair.  Whether I’m using it to condition, style or finish off a look, it’s a staple within my hair-care routine!




My everyday go to for a quick refresh!  Not only does it add volume, it also soaks up any grease for those days when you really should wash your hair but don’t have time!  I have many of those days – so for me, this is the best thing in my bathroom!  Bardou Dry Shampoo never leaves my shelf. It’s a little pricier than the conventional dry shampoos but worth those extra pounds I promise. Unlike most dry shampoos which often leave my hair too dry,  or a bit white – Bardou’s manages to refresh and add volume – hold it elbow length away – you don’t want it too close and spray all over – flip your head upside down and do the underneath too for extra volume – this is amazing before using heated rollers as well as the bounce lasts much longer and you get way more volume at the roots!

L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray 

LOreal Elnett Hairspray












Not to bang on too much but Elnett’s shampoo is literally life changing – unlike a lot of the other hairsprays on the market which leave your hair heavy and clogged up – this light mist hold your hair perfectly while still allowing movement and not taking away any shine!  Hairspray is an essential part of how I achieve my bouncy blowouts.


Another essential part of your hair care routine is having a great cut and colour!  More to come on those soon xx

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