I have discovered a hidden gem in the basement of my hairdressers (who I will be writing about next week after a hair refresh), Jass and her amazing lasers at Belgravia Clinic!

She has a number of different lasers all of which do different things which I will write more descriptively on, but here is an overview of what she has in store…

For hair removal the Soprano laser is amazing – pain free, quick and efficient – you can even do it on tanned skin (or fake tanned skin!) every inch of you can be hair free over the course of a few months!  

For fine lines and wrinkles – the Alma Beauty Accent Reform is amazing on your face and any other part of you which you would like tightened and smoothed out, I have my face and tummy done. The facial one is incredible as it really helps smooth out the deeper lines that the facials can’t get rid of. Regular treatments give your skin a healthy glow and remove any blemishes or fine lines that you wake up to.

The treatment feels hot but is quick so in all it takes about 10 mins, which is excellent for a mum on the run!

There are a number of other lasers which do other things that I will report on later….


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