The amount of questions I get asked about my hair is amazing!  Yet my secret is very simple.  It’s all in the blow drying.  Click HERE to see my full Youtube tutorial. Here are some bullet points to help you get salon hair every day:

  • Make sure you wash your hair with gentle products, I use Aveda and Kerestasse to keep it glossy and healthy (have a look on my top tips for shiny hair)
  • Towel dry your hair so its quite dry
  • Add one pump of Moroccan hair oil to add extra shine and detangle
  • Then brush through with a paddle brush
  • Rough dry your hair a little first
  • Then pin the top part of your hair up and work on the bottom – section into 2 parts and dry left side first and then right section (visit my you tube channel for demo)
  • Then with your round brush begin wrapping hair around the bursh and drying the hair downwards – which stops it being frizzy and gives you a smooth bouncy curl at the end
  • Once the hair is totally dry wind it round it a Velcro roller and pin it in
  • Then complete the other sections – 2 at bottom – 2 middle and 3 rollers on the top
  • You can leave the Velcro rollers in for as long as you like – the longer you leave them the more body and bounce you will have

Good luck and hope you get lots of volume xx

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