The best kind of ‘Mum on the run’ exercise out there has to be E-Pulsive.  Although there has been a lot of controversy surrounding actually how effective it is,  you can’t deny it works you hard in a very short amount of time, which is exactly what you need when your running around London like a mad woman!

E-pulsive is a company who trains you in EMS (electrical muscle stimulation).  Sounds scary right?  The whole concept is that is uses electrical stimulation to fatigue the muscles quicker and burn more calories than you do in a regular hour workout. Best part about it is that its only 20 minutes long.  Your in and out before you know it!  Its the most brilliant 20 minute butt crunching session and PERFECT if you don’t have much time.  Since the summer I haven’t had much time to train at my usual gym so this has been the best maintenance exercise.


I will admit it took me a while to get used to the pulses going through my body.  Almost feels like little elastic bands are snapping at you, but once your used to it its brilliant.  It really targets those hard to reach  muscle groups that perhaps you can’t activate in the gym.

[wpvideo Vg1m31wi]

In an ideal world I would mix proper gym workouts with E-pulsive, but it has been a real life saver when I just don’t have the time!



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