Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone!  I hope you have all had a wonderful christmas.

Im not ashamed of admitting that I get a little help in some areas.  By this I don’t mean surgery, I mean non invasive beauty treatments which make me feel my best!  One of my favourite treatment is having eyelash extensions put in.

Dont panic, some of you may be thinking ‘eyelash extensions will harm your eyelashes’.  Well, turns out they really don’t.  Our eyelashes have a natural cycle in that they drop out naturally after a few weeks, and are constantly regrowing.  This means that when the extensions are put on they will only fall out when your eyelashes naturally fall out, make sense?

Anyway, this treatment is just fabulous if you want to wake up in the morning and always look awake!  I don’t have to put mascara on at all, even when I’m going out.  The great thing is that you can choose the thickness or length of your own extensions.  If you want a more natural look you just get less.  They are also super comfy, and don’t irritate me one bit, in fact I forget that they are there.

I get my eyelashes done at my house so I don’t have to go or do anything!  I wouldn’t use anyone else but Camilla Kirk-Reynolds and here is her website http://ckrmakeup.com.  Im also posting a video of the whole process on my youtube channel in the next couple of days.  Click HERE to watch.

It’s a perfect quick fix for all you busy mums on the run out there!


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