It’s that tine of year again when things get crazy and I find myself manically trying to pick up presents for everyone, especially my boys!  Seeing as work is super busy at the moment with filming Ladies of London I have had to be super organised in preparing all gifts this year.

Last week I set myself a goal to finish buying and wrapping all presents.  My advice is to be as organised as you can so you can enjoy that last week leading up to christmas.  All of you mums out there will know how hard it is to make sure your presents are even for your kids.  It would be the end of the world if one child got more than the other.  To make sure this doesn’t happen I carry a list around with me and write down everything I plan on purchasing before I get it.  This means there is no spontaneous buys, meaning I can’t keep a track, instead I know exactly what Im getting when I get into the shop.

Decorating the house is time consuming, I know.  However, I really feel like its worth doing.  It’s something traditional and when you get home in the evenings you can relax in your own winter wonderland.

Within all this chaos I make sure that I slow down for a bit and try and enjoy the festivities too.  Being a busy mum on the run can mean its hard to take time and enjoy the christmas celebrations.  One activity I always try to do is going to Harrods to see father christmas with the kids.  They absolutely love it, and to be honest I do too.  For me seeing them super excited and happy means I can get excited about christmas too.


Im currently writing this from New York on a very very exciting press trip for Ladies Of London but am very excited to get home and spend christmas with my boys.


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