I am lucky enough to have discovered Michael Charalambous when I was in my mid twenties.  I have always had long hair and to be honest it was always a little dull – I still blowdried it well and rolled it but it never had that umph I wanted!

Then I met Michael and I realized that having a killer hair cut is essential to getting he best our of your hair.

With a good cut, the layers in the right place and the right length your hair is easy to style in any way – whether straight or curly, wavy or a neat pony a good cut allows you to get it right every time.

Michael now has his own Salon Nyumba which is such a treat to visit, but don’t think for one minite you’ll be allowed to sit down all the time – no to get the layers exactly right, you have to sit, stand, kneel on the chair and lie back with your hair hanging over the chair – you need to work for a good haircut!!

Once the blowdry is done he goes back over your hair to check that everything is correct .

His idea was to create an undone done look – to look as if you haven’t made a monumental effort to look good but your hair speaks for itself, its bouncy and has a lot going on with lots of movement.

If you feel like a real treat book in with him and see for yourself – the only problem is once you go you will never be able to go anywhere else – I have been going for the past 15 years!!!

And don’t forget to visit Gulia for your colour (Michaels wife) they are the dream team!!! See other blog for colour.

Michael Charalambous

Nyumba Salon, 1 Slonae Square 0207 0207 408 1489


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