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My Skincare Routine and Favourite Products

SKIN – One of the most important elements to look after and maintain and the first thing you see when you meet someone.

If you’re anything like me your skin goes in waves of being great and then dipping down to being dry and prone to a few breakouts.

It can be a number of things that can effect the balance of your skin;  sleep, what you are eating, climate, hormones etc  so keeping on top of how it looks and feels is the first step to feeling good about the skin you’re in.

The other factor is time – I don’t have a lot of time on my hands in the morning so I need a quick 3 step process that will cleanse, tone and moisturize my skin to make it look its best for the day.

In the evening I have more time so I can do the gentle scrubs, peels, masks etc and spend a bit more time pampering.  And when you do invest the time your skin definitely shows its joy!

Regular facials are also a must for me, my favourites are:

The Red Carpet Facial with Rani –

This involves a deep clean, steam, extraction, then calming mask,  gorgeous face massage which puts you into a deep sleep, followed by exfoliation and finally oxygen to pump the skin up – its 2 hours of pure heaven!!  And your skin looks amazing afterwards

The Cryo Derm Facial with Rani –

The best for anti aging – starting with the removal of dead skin cells via aqua dermabrasion, followed by lympatic drainage, radio frequency and then finally the cryro – results are amazing, firming, smooth and glowing!

Kate Whedal

Serious facial with serious results – extraction, oxygen, radio frequency, LED light therapy, lymphatic drainage – this is a must once in a while from a skin expert and who can assess all your needs.

My favourite skin care brands that I always go to for the best results and for different things depending on what my skin needs:


Simple, clean, fuss free, organic with no chemicals – very gentle for sensitive skin – their Lait Nettoyant cleanser is a must have – it cleans your face really well and leaves it soft without too much oil – this is my general cleanser

Sarah Chapman

Great for when your skin needs a bit of a moisture boost, the products are very rich and nourishing – not great if you are having a break out month but fantastic if your skin is dry and needs a boost.

I love their Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse


Gorgeous, gentle and has some very sophisticated ingredients – I use at least one element of their range every day – gentle and effective – my go to is their city life facial mist which I use as a toner during the daytime and the Rennaissance cleansing gel is also gorgeous

Super 16 Serum – this is a miracle worker – locks in moisture and gives such a fab glow and the Restoration Oil is amazing when your skin needs to drink up some more moisture.

MZ Skin by Dr Zamani

This whole range is totally divine – it is an investment but when you treat yourself occasionally using the products is a complete joy and you savour every application!

My favourite is the cleanse and clarify cleanser – its just the right balance of everything!

It Cosmetics – Transforming moisturizing super cream

I recently discovered this and I love the results, not too heavy but at the same time moisture boosting – I am using this every night.

For day to day great results my daily routine consists of:


  1. Cleanser – For normal skin days always Lait Nettoyant from Yonka or the Renaissance cleansing gel by Oskia or if I treat myself the MZ Skin cleanse and clarify – worth the investment!
  2. Toner – City Life Facial Mist – Oskia
  3. Time resist crème jour – Yonka or Dr Barbara Strum face cream
  4. Factor 50+ sun screen – Frezyderm

If my skin is dry I use the Ultimate Cleanse by Skinesis (Sarah Chapman)

Evening –

  1. Cleanser – as above but tend to use a moisture building one so the Skinesis Ultimate Cleanse is perfect
  2. Toner – invigorating mist for dry skin by Yonka
  3. Oskia Super 16 Serum (not every night) and can be used on its own without a moisturizer on top if your skin is particularly oily at the time
  4. A recent discovery and one I am loving when your skin is a little dry is the IT Cosmetics transforming moisturizing super cream – it’s the most gorgeous cream I’ve discovered and a must have!

I also love the following at night if your skin needs an added boost:

Votary – Intense night oil

Oskia Super 16 Serum

Oskia Restoration Oil

Exfoliator – at least once a week

Its really important to get rid of any dead skin cells on a weekly basis as they can build up if you are using lots of moisturizing products or if like me you have regular spray tans, my favorite way to exfoliate is with the YONKA GOMMAGE

So easy to use, you smooth it over your face and then gently keep rubbing until it all flakes off – your skin is silky smooth afterwards and glowing!

Face Mask:

At least once a week treat yourself to a face mask – here are my favourites for locking moisture back into your skin:

Sarah Chapman – Instant Miracle Mask

MZ Skin – Hydra-Lift Golden Facial Treatment

Its an investment but really works!

The eye treatments are amazing too

MZ Skin – Hydra-Bright Golden Eye Treatment

I will cover the retinol products in a separate email as that’s a whole other topic up for lots of discussion!

I hope this helps to get your skin glowing!

The more time you invest in yourself and your skin the better the results! xxx