One of the most asked questions I get is about my hair.  I don’t want to be a blonde, I don’t want to be a brunette, so I decided to be a BRONDE!

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Let me tell you the advantages of being a Bronde:

  • Low Maintenance – Theres no regular top up on your roots and perfect for a busy mum on the run.  I don’t have time to be in the hairdressers all of the time!
  • 8 week top ups –  on the roots is all you need (as long as your colourist is as great as mine!) – if you’re ever in london come and visit Giulia at Nyumba Salon – she is the BEST!!
  • Easy Blend – A mixture of Deep Chestnut and Sandy Blonde, it sounds good enough to eat.  The combination means my hair has the sun kissed effect, which is what every girl wants – to have that healthy glow.
  • More Volume –  The subtle colouring gives the hair natural texture, volume and shine.  It also makes your blow dry last so much longer.
  • Less washing – who has time to wash their hair these days!

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My favourite Products:

When colouring your hair you must be careful which products you use, it can go horrible wrong.  My colourist Giulia and Nyumba uses ‘Smartbond’ by Loreal.  This is a colour blending product that reverses the technical damage that colour can do to your hair. Im not going to get scientific but the product is used in the hair colour so it magically turns into a hair treatment instead of a harsh chemical.  I wouldn’t use anything else!

[wpvideo mlhm6q97]

The colours used to make the perfect Bronde are a combination of Wella Koleston 12/17 with 12% peroxide.  The second colour is Wella Koleston 7/73 with 7/7 and 4% developer.  Together they are the dream team.  The rest is up to technique.  Giulia is my girl and has been for the last 15 years, I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

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