January is coming to an end..FINALLY.  I say that, but I’ve had one of the best starts to the new year I could possibly wish for.  With an amazing trip to New York, loads of work on exciting projects and getting to spend loads of time with my kids its been brilliant.

I thought I would do a list of my absolute favourite products/things that I have been using this month.

  1. SKINCARE: As always Sarah Chapman products are always in my monthly favourites.  I absolutely swear by her skincare range and have done a detailed skincare routine video on my youtube channel (click HERE to watch).


2. RESTURANT:  London has an overwhelming amount of amazing restaurants but I have to say this month its the Wolseley. Traditional British food and gorgeous surroundings in the heart of London.   You will Get a real taste for the London scene, and its fantastic for people watching!

3. MASSAGE:   Kicks Gym – in chelsea. Gorgeous spa and a fantastic massage, super relaxing and a break from the hardships of life. PURE ESCAPE!

4. FURNITURE SHOP:  Jullian Chichester.  Classic furniture with a twist. Cannot rate this highly enough!

5. CLOTHES SHOP:  Amanda Wakely –  she makes classic tailored shapes with a modern edge.  It all Fits your body perfectly, and perfect for all occasions.


6.  FILM: Bridget Jones’s Baby –  Had me in stitches, if only life turned out that way.

7. THE CROWN: So good! Scenery is stunning, costume, history and relatable struggles.  IM ADDICTED!

8. CAR SERVICE: Vallie- So easy and convenient, takes all the stress out of parking in London.  The best thing when your in a rush!

9. MANICURE:  The nail gallery.  They know exactly what they are doing and its always polish perfect.

10.  FAVOURITE DOG WALK:  Wimbledon common, great for the kids.  Loads of fresh air and woodland, one of my most favourite things to do.


I hope you enjoyed my January favourites !  Check out my new youtube videos as I have 3 new ones every week!


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