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If like me, you have a surge of energy when the sun comes out, its time to seize the moment and be the best you that’s possible. With the weather so sunny and warm, there’s no need for a gym membership as you can be outside all day. I love taking full advantage of long walks and mini work-outs in the park with the boys and Coco. Find a park bench and you have the perfect setup for a 15 minute workout that will leave your muscles burning and your body energised.

Here is my 15 minute routine for a park bench workout:

  • Press-ups against the back of the bench
  • Triceps dips on the front of the bench
  • Step-ups on the front of the bench
  • Lunges with legs raised on the front of the bench
  • Tummy crunches/sit-ups on the bench or for an extra challenge, raise your legs on the edge of the bench and do crunches.
  • Repeat!

After your workout, you could power walk or jog for 10 minutes and repeat twice if you have the time. One way to increase the intensity of your workout, is to put on a pair of ankle weights (which you can buy on amazon!) A quick power walk with ankle weights is a fantastic way to maximise a workout and get your heart pumping.

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Paola’s Body Barre

My current obsession is Paola’s Body Barre – I’m fortunate enough to have a studio 5 minutes down the road where Paola has developed her own tailor-made classes which focus on strengthening, toning and elongating your muscles. I do this 3-4 times a week depending on time and it keeps me feeling strong, positive and body confident. If you live in London, do check out her website and classes in Fulham, KXU and Wimbledon.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

I recently discovered a fantastic masseuse (Flavia) who specialises in lymphatic drainage. It’s a fantastic way to clear any water retention and get the body flowing. I’ve booked in a regular course with Flavia to minimise water retention and eliminate any toxin build-up. I find it really helps with how I look and feel so it’s definitely worth a try.


This time of year is great for fresh ingredients – gorgeous fruits and vegetables are readily available everywhere. Lunch on the go is made so much easier during the Spring/Summer months as I can grab a salad or a shake and power-up. On really busy mornings with client meetings and the kids, I always have a quick protein shake – my favourite is the Vegan Blend from Protein World with Oat Milk, ice-cubes and you can pop in a banana if you’re extra hungry. It’s delicious, packed with vitamins and minerals and is a great breakfast replacement if you’re busy like me.

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Fake Tan

A great tip for feeling confident in your bikini is to start with a base tan. Personally, I feel more confident with a base tan (it hides a multitude of sins). You can book in a couple of days before you leave so it gets to a nice natural base and then tan on top of it! It will leave you positively glowing even on the first day of your holiday!


I think the more confident you are, the better you look. It doesn’t matter what shape or size you are – if you feel great you look it! For me, having had 2 boys, I feel much more confident wearing a one-piece, not only because it looks better but because I’m jumping up and down every 5 minutes to take care of the boys and so I feel much more secure in a one-piece. (Maybe if I was lying on a yacht all day, I would favour a bikini lol). My best advice would be to pick and choose styles that make you feel the best you possibly can. After all, I never follow trends, I always go for what looks best on me. Any outfit can be glammed up with a fab beach hat or a small sarong for whenever you need it. I’ve got a couple from Bondi Beach which I always have handy in my beach bag!

I hope these few tips help you during the gorgeous Summer months which should be treasured and experienced in all their full glory. I love sharing tips and tricks so hopefully the latter come in handy.

Sophie xxx








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