So I guess my focus on getting through a really challenging time in my life has been exercise and there is no better way to start your day than with a burst of energy and getting the endorphins going!  During the warmer months I have LOVED working out with my trainer Paul in the garden. I love the freedom and fresh air of working out outdoors and it takes your workout to another level of fun.

Tying battle works to the trampoline and hammering those ropes up and down is an amazing work out for the arms and is much harder than it looks. The kettle bells are great for adding a bit of weight to your lunges and making them that extra bit challenging which is great for the bum and thighs and definitely lifts everything up a little!  The TRX straps are brilliant at toning the upper body and then the aerobic part of jumping over and interval training adds the cardio which hits those extra unwanted pounds.


The workouts along with a clean eating plan, I have been following the paleo, have really helped reform my body and its the best I’ve looked and felt since having my two beautiful boys.  It takes hard work and determination but once you start seeing the results it gives you the drive to really go for it!

I am about to start with my first trainer that I had, when getting my body ready for my wedding day 8 years ago on Monday – sessions will be inside as its freezing cold in London now but I will keep posting my tips for staying lean in the gym while also having fun!

The time we do get off as busy working mums has to be fun, rewarding and worth the effort to fit it in!

More to come on other workouts that make a difference….

xx Sophie

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