As I’m sure you know Adela and I formed a close bond over the months we were filming Ladies of London.  Its funny when you are slightly out of your comfort zone you really connect deeply with those around you who you feel support you and you can also have some fun with.  Since we stopped filming our friendship has grown and we spend the time we are not working / being a mum working out, dog walking and plotting our next moves!  Over a dog walk one morning we decided it was time to embark on some adventures together which is where the idea for our travel diaries began.  I am first and foremost a mum to two divine boys and I have to juggle a busy but manageable workload (which of course sometimes can get a little overwhelming!).  As we busy mums know a little break and a little adventure only makes for a happier mother with more sleep and patience and the idea of some little get aways sounded very exciting!

We looked at a map and discussed any associations we had with any particular area or country and thats when we decided Costa Rica would be our first port of call.  Adela was actually born there and has always wanted to return and for me an action holiday and adventure sounded like the perfect break!  Without further a do we found the amazing Oxygen Jungle Villas and began planning our trip!

We cannot wait to share our travel adventure with you, I’m sure there will be plenty of highs and maybe a few lows (I know I’ll miss my boys terribly) but I really believe you have to seize the day and make your memories, broaden your horizons, take a break, do something completely different!  It will be the first time I have left the boys for more than a few days but I have carefully planned their time without me and know they will be in the safe hands of family.

Stay tuned for lots more posts, pictures and you tubes!

Sophie xx

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