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Holiday Must Haves! What I Pack for a Warm Destination

With summer in full swing there are few items that I can’t live without in my summer suitcase. 

I try to pack light and really plan out what I will wear as travelling on my own with my boys means I end up carrying most of the luggage lol!  Hopefully that will change one day when the boys get a bit older – they are already super helpful but airports are tiring and travelling is always better with them when I’ve carefully planned everything!

Apart from the essential packing of enough t shirts, shorts, trainers, water shoes, flip flops, glasses, hats and a few warm items for the boys – I always take a spare set of travel clothes for them – you never know when someone may spill something or get car sick and plenty of wet wipes – great for the airport! 

I normally wear workout gear to travel in and always put the boys in something super comfy.  Everything for the day goes in a lightweight wheely carry on along with fully charged iPads (it’s the one day I don’t mind them watching it) if flights are delayed, which they often are, its easy to run out of games and places to investigate at the airport so iPads are a great backup plan. A spare charger is also essential!  I always pack some cards, lego and a book for them too.

For my essentials I always carry a little mini makeup bag which contains concealer, blush, a lipstick, some hand cream and moisturizer as well as lip balm. 

A pouch is so convenient for putting the important documents and money in and makes it easy to find in a wheely bag – I’ve got a great one from Misela it’s the perfect size and works well in my beach bag for money and essentials – I got mine a few years ago but here are some similar ones:

2 pairs of sunglasses so you can change up your looks – I always take my favourites from Theirry Lasry – the tortoise shell and navy – they were an investment when I bought them a couple of years ago but the only ones I ever wear!  I’ve tried other glasses but I always go back to my favourites!

I always pack at least 4-5 easy summer dresses (listed on my previous blog) that can be worn with flats or wedges great for warm summer nights and so easy to put one item of clothing on – if you want to be minimalist you can just wear them on rotation for a week. 

2 maxi skirts which I think work best with a body –

This is a great look for night or day and you can even wear with a swimsuit.

My favourite day time look is a swimsuit with a denim mini skirt or shorts– my AG-ED denim mini is my favourite

And my Rag & Bone denim mini shorts – they look great with a swimsuit or t shirt for the day time – you can dress them up for casual dining with a pretty blouse.

  • 5-6 swimsuits which I will list on a separate blog post
  • at least 4-5 kaftans which are easy to throw on by the pool or beach
  • 1 pair of wedges
  • 1 pair of nude heels
  • 2 pairs of gold sandals

I find that’s all I really need for a week somewhere warm

Makeup Bag:

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Sponge Bag