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Preparing for an adventure trip!

We are finally off on our holidays and I am SUPER excited for a little break away from it all!  It won’t be sun loungers and super yachts … oh no we like to start off with a little adventure in our stunning neighbour Scotland.  We are headed to a tiny Island called Jura where the famous whisky is made (so we may have to do a little whisky tasting) but mainly we are going for some bracing sea air and the absolutely incredible and rugged coastline surrounded by sea and nature and so much for the boys to explore.

Heading to Scotland does however mean quite a serious amount of packing, from past experience the boys get wet after about 30 seconds of leaving the house – which is located in a very remote part of the island and only accessible by boat!   And there is no guarantee for sunshine (although I’m praying that we will be blessed with some). So the packing consists of plenty of water proof clothing, wellies, fleeces, plenty of spare socks, wetsuits and aqua shoes and some good rain proof jackets.

Amazon is my go to as well as another website I discovered called where I managed to find some great waders for the boys which means that even when they go over the top of their wellies they will stay bone dry!

Here are a few of my recommendations when you are not guaranteed sunshine but are planning water activities and have peace of mind that your children are still warm and happy:

Wetsuits – full length – some great ones at Mountain Warehouse

Aqua Shoes – Mountain Warehouse

All in one waterproof suit to go over clothes

Hunter wellies for all

Fleece Jumpers

Soft Shell Jackets

Waterproof Trousers 

Wheelie Soft Cargo Bag

A soft wheelie bag is great when you are travelling by plane, car and then boat, lightweight and then easy to fold down and store while you’re away – I ordered 2 new ones from Mountain warehouse.

Lightweight Backpack

Great for day trips with the boys and taking spare clothes and water bottles

Water bottles

Portable charger